Friday, June 14, 2013

"Go back!"

One of the last times I saw Rachelle was at Gushi. It was right around this time, folks were graduating, celebratory meals were being had, and I'd recently come back from a conference where I had kind of an awkward DTR (defining the relationship conversation).

I was with The Twin, and Earl. Earl and I had had a great reunion hug. A long one. We knew Rachelle was going to be a little late, so we ordered. And then we started eating without her. As time went on, we wondered what was taking so long...

She eventually arrived, in her car! She'd been feeling kind of sick, and she decided to drive. From there, hilarity ensued. We played various songs, "Call Me Maybe" one of which was "I Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele, my favorite was the chipmunk version. But nothing could be compared to watching Rachelle slap Earl across the face as the phrase, 'as I touch your face' in Adele's song. Hilarious!

The next was, as we watched graduates walking back to the apartments or dorms, Earl saying he'd like to approach them, saying: "Do you know hunger? No? Go back!!!" The Twin and I laughed 'cause we'd been in tight financial situations after graduation. Rachelle laughed 'cause, let's face it, it's pretty funny.

We ended the night full, with our leftovers in Rachelle's fridge. Lucky duck. I went to my friend's place content and happy. As times with Rachelle usually were.

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