Monday, June 10, 2013


Pretty much anytime I say, "Get it!" I think of Rachelle. Often, it's because I get looks from folks who don't understand why I'm saying it, and I sorely miss her.

Rachelle would often say it while watching folks play basketball, while cheering someone on to take the shot, or dominate as they block. Other times was when someone was doing something epic or stupid. Or stupidly epic, like one-biting a brownie or pulling a prank on someone.

My favorite instances of hearing Rachelle yell "GET IT, GET IT" were when Rachelle would yell this at a couple. Particularly a shy couple. They'd be talking, or getting close to show some PDA (public display of affection), only to have Rachelle fully put them on blast and embarrass them by shouting, "GET IT!"

I'm smiling as I type this, 'cause Rachelle was such an instigator. If I were to mention any of my brushes with dating, I'd be hearing, "GET IT!"

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