Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cover her ears!

Today I had a pretty funny memory of Rachelle. I was getting ready for my staff meeting today, and it just flitted into the room and landed on my shoulder. And then made me smile.

My Senior year in college, we were all about getting folks intentional gifts. That year, a few friends decided to get my friend Christina a guitar for her birthday. She had no idea it was meant to be a surprise.

There's another Christina in this story. For the sake of being clear, we'll call her Q (for her last name).


The night we're presenting Christina the guitar, we're all together for our campus meeting. There are about 200 folks getting ready to gather. Q, is really excited about the guitar and is shooting the breeze before our meeting starts. Clear as day, Q asks, "So, Christina, how do you like your new guitar?"

Rachelle makes an UH-OH face at Q, and proceeds to cover Christina's ears in the futile hope that she hadn't heard and therefore been tipped off to the surprise.

Rachelle's face, plus the attempt to rectify the situation, as well as the foiled surprise made me smile this morning. Don't worry, Christina still loved the guitar.

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